Daphne Monastirioti                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Projects



b. in Greece, works and lives in the Netherlands


2019-2021  MA/ Artistic Research/ Royal Academy of Art/ NL
2009-2015  BFA/BA University of Ioannina/ Ioannina/ GR

Selected Exhibitions

2021 What is Real?/ The Real House/ Brooklyn/ New York

2021 Sunkissed/ Fog off/  Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives/ The Hague/ NL

2020 The Ongoing Conversation #7/ 1646/ Hague/ NL

2020 Α Simple Fizz/Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives/ The Hague/ NL

2017 The Mandela Effect/ Cheapart Gallery/ Athens/ GR

2016 Project Unicorn – Untagged/ Pride Thessaloniki/ Thessaloniki/ GR

2016 Nothing special: just a Tragedy of Belief/Back to Athens/  Athens/ GR

2016 Αναδαμαλισμός/ Gallery EOS/ Athens/ GR

2016 Obsession No.5 / Mediterranean Bodies / Romantso/ Athens/ GR

2015 Configuration of Individuality/ Artville/ Athens/ GR

2014 The Heroes are dead! Long Live The Heroes/Action Field Kodra/ Thessaloniki/ GR

2014 “Olfaction”/ graduation exhibition/ Ioannina /GR

2013 Fear : The art negotiation /Conference centre ‘Κάρολος Παπούλιας’/ Ioannina/ GR  

2012 Athens Video Art Festival / International Festival of Digital Arts and New media/ Athens/ GR


2016 Finalist Team Calculus/ Hack the Book/ Hackathon/ Onassis Cultural Center/ Europeana Space Network/ Athens/ GR

2016 Platform Meta (Meet the Artists)/Hours/ Theatre Polis/ Athens/ GR

2015 Circuit Bending/ Processing electronic sound toys/ Athens Video Art Festival/ Onassis Cultural Center/ Athens/ GR

2014 Sonic Dimensions/ Super Collider/ Space Under/ AThens/ GR

2013 Parametric Construction Workshop/ Rhino 5 (McNeel)/ Grasshooper plugin/ Space Under/ Athens/ GR


2021 Every Breath is a Novelty/ Thesis/ Master Artistic Research/ Royal Academy of Arts/ The Hague/ NL

2021 The Absolute Guide on Saving Breath/ Artist Book/ Second Edition/ 5 copies/ The Hague/ NL

2020 The Absolute Guide on Saving Breath/ Artist Book/ First Edition/ 3 copies/ The Hague/ NL

2020 Keywords on Method/ Master Artistic research/ Royal Academy of Arts/ The Hague/ NL

2014 I Need a Hero: Valuable Matters in Valuable Times/ Thessaloniki/ GR

Daphne Monastirioti was born in Corfu, Greece, and started her studies at the University of
Ioannina a major in Sculpture while exploring the sense of smell through installations. Later
on, she continued her practice in Athens, participating in exhibitions and festivals. In 2021, she
finished her Master's Degree in Artistic Research in the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.
She developed her breath practice and how technology affects interpersonal relationships through
installations, videos, and performance. Her motivation for creating and researching this subject
emanates from personal experience as her asthma condition appears as an obstacle since the
bodily symptom transcends into existential symptom.